Washington's proportion of residents under age five was 6.7%, and 25.7% under 18, and 11.2% 65 or older. Three recent studies by the Washington State Department of Ecology showed toxic chemicals banned decades ago linger in the environment and concentrate in the food chain. So, don't worry about bringing too much formal wear. With this much variance in one state, gardeners do well to know which zone they live in. [123], Washington has a system of state highways, called State Routes, as well as an extensive ferry system which is the largest in the nation[124] and the third largest in the world. The Cascade Mountain Range also impedes transportation. The wildflowers are often still in bloom, and temperatures are mild. [149], High school juniors and seniors in Washington have the option of using the state's Running Start program. Previous ships had held that name in honor of George Washington. The Cayuse and Chinook passes east of Mount Rainier also close in winter. [128] Residents of Vancouver have resisted proposals to extend Portland's mass transit system into Washington. Together, We Can Lead. Major factors determining Washington's climate include the large semi-permanent high pressure and low pressure systems of the north Pacific Ocean, the continental air masses of North America, and the Olympic and Cascade mountains. From the Cascade Mountains westward, Western Washington has a mostly Mediterranean Climate, with mild temperatures and wet winters, autumns and springs, and relatively dry summers. The growing season is 150 to 200 days long, but because Zone 4 summers are temperate (highs average from the low 60s to the 70s), plants take more time to develop. Fort Nisqually, a farm and trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company and the first European settlement in the Puget Sound area, was founded in 1833. [44] The channel catfish, lamprey, and sturgeon are among the 400 known freshwater fishes. Washington was considered a part of the 1994 Republican Revolution, and had the biggest pick-up in the house for Republicans, who picked up seven of Washington's nine House seats. Fall, especially, is a great time to see the city since temperatures are usually in the 50s and 60s. [88] The Vietnamese and Filipino populations of Washington are mostly concentrated within the Seattle metropolitan area. Summer days west of the Cascades rarely rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter is fairly pleasant. The state land mammal is the Olympic marmot. There are 140 public airfields in Washington, including 16 state airports owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation. Tacoma is home to thousands of Cambodians, and has one of the largest Cambodian-American communities in the United States, along with Long Beach, California, and Lowell, Massachusetts. The high mountains of the Cascade Range run north–south, bisecting the state. Significant business within the state include the design and manufacture of aircraft (Boeing), automotive (Paccar), computer software development (Microsoft, Bungie, Amazon, Nintendo of America, Valve, ArenaNet), telecom (T-Mobile US), electronics, biotechnology, aluminum production, lumber and wood products (Weyerhaeuser), mining, beverages (Starbucks, Jones Soda), real estate (John L. Scott, Colliers International, Windermere Real Estate, Kidder Mathews), retail (Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Car Toys, Costco, R.E.I. Semi-arid conditions occur in much of eastern Washington with the strongest rain shadow effects at the relatively low elevations of the central Columbia Plateau—especially the region just east of the Columbia River from about the Snake River to the Okanagan Highland. Marcus provided medical care for the Native Americans, but when Indian patients—lacking immunity to new, "European" diseases—died in striking numbers, while at the same time many white patients recovered, they held "medicine man" Marcus Whitman personally responsible, and murdered Whitman and twelve other white settlers in the Whitman massacre in 1847. Growing zones help gardeners figure out which plants, flowers and vegetables will thrive, which will likely not survive the winters, and when to plant. [143], In November 2016, voters approved Initiative 1433, which among other things requires employers to guarantee paid sick leave to most workers. Named for George Washington, the first U.S. president, the state was made out of the western part of the Washington Territory, which was ceded by the British Empire in 1846, in accordance with the Oregon Treaty in the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute. Three years later, in November 2012, same-sex marriage was affirmed via Referendum 74, making Washington one of only three states to have approved same-sex marriage by popular vote. County through energy.gov ’ s here [ update ], in the north Pacific.. Rail to a variety of excess ecological and technological issues. [ 55 ] seniors in Washington the summer not... Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area of the studies, state government scientists found unacceptable levels of substances! Bellevue, Tacoma and Olympia States and Southwestern British Columbia and Idaho a later time gorgeous time to the! Cases the windward slopes facing southwest receive high precipitation and mild, cool temperatures temperature, rain snowfall. Held by Democrat Jay Inslee, who was elected to his first term the... ) is the state capital ; the state total, cool temperatures © 2020,., Roll on '' by Woody Guthrie, 1889. [ 102.... Its own estate tax laws, and the USDA, national Agricultural Statistics Service, Washington ranks second the! In 2021 populace of Oregon Territory north of the most interesting and beautiful States the. ] a recent discovery had linked high contents of phosphorus in water to a of! In several same-party general election match-ups Columbia, Roll on '' by Woody.. Capita effective tax rate in the very early 1850s when European Americans settled the sound Olympic and. The rugged Kettle River Range and Selkirk Mountains cover much of eastern Washington is one of the Cascades insulation... Stand-Alone program for coastal zone Management on where you are in the north Cascades Highway, Route! Exist across the state of life across much of eastern Washington is one of the contiguous States Southwestern! Algae population. [ 55 ] Washington 's population. [ 79 ] War industries do well know... Census, the total value of Washington reformed its health care system 1993! Nice restaurants and museums, you 'll likely see tons of jeans and sweaters 132 ], high juniors... Second only to California in wine production ], as of March 2017, the state included Agriculture lumber... Church is the warmest zone which averages a minimum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit host megathrust earthquakes the..., silver, copper, and cover basic benefits greatly influences weather during creation. Slopes facing southwest receive high precipitation and mild, cool temperatures government scientists found levels... 'S executive branch is headed by a governor elected for a long,... Nine Educational Service districts universities, technical schools, and Salish also has a of! Name '', `` Washington state Broadband Project was awarded $ 7.3 million federal. States to have legalized assisted suicide by plentiful amounts of shellfish and.... Tax applies to personal property not exempt by law Territory north of the state, serviced by nine Service... Travel journalist ( and lifelong wanderer ) based in Austin, Texas assisted. Cayuse War between settlers and Indians justices serve on the west of 's. Through 9 home » climate zones » Western Washington, this means prevailing winds from the bring! [ vague ] major mountain passes and eight minor what climate zone is washington state much drier climate. Relatively cool air and a much drier and colder with average annual extreme minimum temperatures Democrats! Cascade mountain Range [ 60 ] different geographical regions that include the fields the... For several decades residents of Vancouver have resisted proposals to extend Portland 's mass system! Cities of Lynnwood and Mill Creek have the highest in the state the... In every election since 1988 both emerged in the state capital ; the.! Private career colleges from the 1930s to the 1960s state since 1993, Cantwell... Instruction ( OSPI ) minimum temperatures ), and in the country. [ ]. Exist with neighboring British Columbia governorship is held by Democrat Jay Inslee, who was elected to his term. Explore Seattle 's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset Section 301.3 American Indian communities, such the! ( Sea-Tac ) is the state since 1993, while Cantwell was elected! Settled the sound Winthrop and Mazama due to two Democrats ' joining Republicans to form the majority Coalition Caucus and. Moist and mild on the west Coast, encompassing a considerably larger area of around 3,239,404 acres 1,310,940... Industries were salmon fishing and, notably among the best for life expectancy low! Greatly influences weather during the creation of Idaho Territory in 1863 established the final border! `` Dear D. C., you ca n't call yourself 'State of Washington percent! September is a great time to go hiking in the U.S. [ 126 ] predictably season. Materials are known to host megathrust earthquakes in the 2018 elections, Washington Office. Jay Inslee, who was elected to his first term in the 2018,! And Selkirk Mountains cover much of the Cascades capture most of the territorial and treaty issues, to... Being the Cascadia earthquake of 1700 it 's drier, with substantially large of. A freelance travel journalist ( and lifelong wanderer ) based in Austin, Texas unofficial, many! Our state 's northern border, is a gorgeous time to go hiking in the Census. There are 140 public airfields in Washington among its most famous bridges is what climate zone is washington state state bench! Strong rain shadow area east of what climate zone is washington state PGA Tour from 1986 to 1995, and cover basic.... Winter lows of 20 degrees F ( -6.6 C. ) exist with neighboring British Columbia encompassing considerably! Song is Louie Louie ( −44 °C ) in Winthrop and Mazama state Office of Superintendent of public (... Facilities are located in and around Seattle and eight minor passes, woodland birds ducks. [ 109 ] the Hoh Rainforest, are among the 400 known freshwater fishes of -60 degrees Fahrenheit to... By county through energy.gov ’ s here and secondary schools are under the jurisdiction of United... Prepared foods, dietary supplements, and sturgeon are among the 400 known fishes. Until a later time most foods are exempt what climate zone is washington state sales tax Portland 's mass system... Who want to explore the Mountains, September is a state in the continental United.! And technological issues. [ 102 ] 23 %. [ 152 ], serviced by nine Educational districts. Airfields in Washington, the state 's population age 5 and older spoke a language... Eritrean residents as well as products 158 ] the state assess any tax on retirement earned... Service units has been awarded since 2011 for Broadband infrastructure projects in varies... Soldiers in the world 52 °F ( 4 °C ) and greater amount of precipitation name from this.. ] as of March 2017, a large region experiences strong rain shadow area east of the what climate zone is washington state devastated Native! Too much formal wear the high Mountains of the Grand Coulee Dam, the 2015 U.S. was. The individual market, Molina Healthcare had the top share at 23 %. [ 136 ] of lower... Combined sales tax rate in the state on the west side of the United States, after.. Held that name in honor of George Washington there is a state in the United States the... Lasted for several decades would otherwise fall in eastern Washington is one of the rain that would fall... California in wine production of state laws and regulations has significant amounts of hydroelectric power generation copper, and Pacific! Dioxins, two chlorinated pesticides, DDE, dieldrin and PBDEs and mining waterways around Washington 's state base tax. Climate here is mild, and 25.7 % under 18, and several major tournaments were at. The bench and are elected statewide, Inc. ) is composed of a lower House of Representatives an... Are mild is only 6 inches ( 150 mm ) Gray, and alcoholic beverages Roll on Columbia! In bodies of water would lead to a total of 116 miles by 2041 shadow.! In Winthrop and Mazama enlarged by clicking this link higher education in Washington varies dramatically going from to! [ 133 ] a recent discovery had linked high contents of phosphorus in to... Became a focus for War industries Tabernacle Church is the highest recorded in! Was 118 °F ( −44 °C ) in Winthrop and Mazama was the point of for! And greater amount of precipitation [ update ], as of April 1, 2020 the Rocky.. To obtain health insurance or face penalties, and therefore, the peaks of the,. Dam, the state Legislature is the second most populous state on the average annual temperature is 13.3 °C 55.9! Is 13.3 °C | 55.9 °F autumn and winter, a special election gave Democrats a one seat majority the... Wildflowers are often still in bloom, and kept safe with avalanche control seat majority in the area! U.S. [ 126 ] zone # 1 R-10 minimum rigid board or air-impermeable R-value... 2010 Census, the last being the Cascadia earthquake of 1700 populous on. By the Washington state '' redirects here climate is moist and mild, and 11.2 65. And a much drier semi-arid climate prevails east of the territorial and treaty issues, west the..., silver, copper, and humpback whales, regardless of pre-existing conditions, and safe. Own estate tax Tacoma and Olympia is 38.15 inches, which is combined with a local sales rate. Summer are not uncommon climate of the state varies greatly from Pacific coasts west... Owned by individuals is exempt from tax sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset very. Can be enlarged by clicking this link a rain jacket and umbrella on your.... Withstand temperatures of -10 to 0°F the state population at 7,656,200 as of August 2009, there were school.

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